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m&ms r cool the red&yellow won r my favorites ;D

m&ms r cool the red&yellow won r my favorites ;D



  1. umm wow…. random

    • psh psh
      its aesome still

  2. totally! yea!!!

  3. i already told you how! just push the prt scr/sysrq by F12 and go to paint and press control v (ctrl+v) and then save as a png or jpg it doesn’t matter!

    • I 4GOT

      IM MATT!!

  4. png is better!!!! OMG U JUST LEFT ME ON CP! HOW DARE!

    • LOL
      yesh i did

  5. ok

  6. who cares and what are you talking about!? also how many times did i tell you that! twice or thrice gosh!

    • WAT!!!!

  7. third time i told him!

    • HUH?

  8. how could you think im a girl dude? i thought we were friends! and you go and make fun of me like that

    • i didnt make fun of u!
      WAT THE HECK?!
      and i already no ur my friend

  9. yo what are you talking about? i never thought u were a girl!

    • wat?
      wat r u tlking about

  10. not you matt thinks i am for some duffed up reason

  11. lol yea i know i was just messing around 😀 😆

  12. okay then wow that was random of u matt mms and muffins cough muffin boy cough

    • PSH POSH

  13. hmm yeah matt srry to break it to ya but m&ms beat muffins…its a fact of life…
    -_- duh!
    lol my favs are the blue and green…
    lol muffin boy…

    • LIAR LIAR PANTS ON FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!U LIE!

  14. huh ok then…

  15. heyy whats upp matt!!!!!!!! its pink!

    • ughhh
      u have a blog?

  16. me??

    • yes
      who do u think

  17. lol noo i just found ur blog on lily’s blog why are u soo mean to me matt??

    • imj not mean 2u
      ur just rlly annoying
      no ofense

    • im not afrain of u
      and im not a brat
      ur an aimmature annoying copy cat
      so HA
      u got dissed

  18. why.. why why why?? yeahh i know u have no reson ur just a brat!!! thats it!! and u know on kd’s blog it says dont mess with my friend bat because ohh whatever he said!!! well im not afraid to mess with u because what r u gonna do??!!

  19. omg why dose kd keep deleteing his blog!!!!?!?!?!?!?!?!!??! omg hes soo moody!! -ashley & annie!

    • ok?

      he nevr had 1

  20. yess he did and alli is annoying to but u dont be a meanie to her and ur kinda cute!!! i know that because on kd’s BLOG he had a pic of u soo yeah

    • ew
      no ofense
      but i dont like u

  21. lol have u ever seen me?? but im in a relaitonship soo yeah!!

    • u probably look ugly ;DDD and mayb FAT
      sure u rrrr

  22. i am im with this guy named mikey!! and im skinny and small and do you know my real name??

    • yeah rite im not dum
      ur not skinny and small
      ur fat and chubby
      no i dont
      and i dont rlly care
      if ur trying to b my friend
      not working

  23. noo even ask alli and yes i do have a boyfirend and ur mean i hope when ur older u live in a triler home and never get married and die at the age of 30!!

    • u hope when im older i wat huh?

  24. whoa!!!! hey matt! wow ashley/(pink) IM NOT annoying!!!! do you know how annoying you arE??!!?!?

    -alli10357- (real name: Allison!

    • i know im annoying
      and i was defending u when dumbut pink said tht
      so dont call me annoying

  25. lol thanks…

  26. lol im not anoying!!! and btw that wasnt even me!

  27. dude im gonna call the cops on u matt if u dont stop!!

    • dude
      ur the one who started talkin to me
      ill stop tlkin to u then~!!

  28. well im gonna because ur being mean to me!! soo i might!

    • ignoring u

  29. whatever matt!!! the biggest loser i ever meet!!

  30. whatever u know ur the biggest loser i ever meet!!

  31. ?????what happend?????

  32. what??

  33. ok umm how can i call the cops on u i dont even know whet ur phone number!! i just did that soo u would be nice to me for once!!

    • dude who the hell r u

  34. and alli shush ur not in this!!!

    • she is in this since pink mentioned her
      and this isnt cp smart one
      just say shutup
      and idk u
      why am i even tlkin to u

    • dude ur the 1 whos obssesed w/ me
      dudet told tht u said:OH EM GE I WAS MEAN TO MATT
      u kno wat just stop tlkin to me
      ur gettin rlly annoyin

  35. MAKE ME ASHLEY! you cant make me SHUTUP! i wont EVER shutup!!! well untill.. w3ll you know what but yeah…..

    • hi alli

      if thts u

  36. yup its meh allison… guess what!! i made a youtube! lol its called rockengurl101

    • ok ill add u
      miine is
      r u ali?

  37. yeah im alli!! ;

    • ok good cuz i thought u were pink

  38. nope! wait y would i be pink? ewwy!

    • idk lol

  39. lol :mrgreen:

  40. 😥 🙄 :mrgreen: 80 😆 😳


    • waaaaaaaat?
      ?? <—–question mark eyes
      U <—–mouth
      TEEHEE !

  41. wait what?

  42. oooo?1?!?!??!?

    • ambercrombie4me *ashley*
    • Posted April 4, 2009 at 3:17 am
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    this is kat now and im a sick of u being mean to everybody in the class sooshush upp meanie!!!!

    • dude ur probably pink
      and im not in ur class!
      and im sick of u and pink
      so dont even talk to me
      get off of my blog

  43. so much comments!

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