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  1. whats maple story?

    • an awesome game tht i quit
      and idk y i quit
      well i quit cuz the game wont work on my slow stupid computer
      i miss maple
      i used to play both
      (cp and maple)
      now i play only cp
      ok ill shut up now cuz im tlking 2 much

    • hi dudet:D
      do u know pink?
      yeah ithink shes ANNOYING
      and do u know hannah?
      yesh i think shes mean:/
      and hannah likes me’


    • WAT?!

    • seriously wat is shiznit?
      did u make tht up or sumthin?

  3. ah maybe your too little to understand

  4. psh evil

  5. whatever dude

    • WAT???
      idk wat ur saying

  6. i said you are too tiny to understand

    • i think ino tht now

  7. yesh hannah ❤ uuuuuu
    she was all like OMG I WAS MEAN TO mATT AHHH!!! HE HATES ME!!! lol

    • dude
      shes like a loser
      shes probably 9 or sumthin
      and she “thinks” shes in a realationship
      shes so retarted
      and she wasnt mean to me
      i was mean to her
      she threatened me
      tht if i dont stop being “mean” 2her she’ll call the cops

  8. ooooh matts got himself a virtual girlfriend, im so proud of you, my little friend

    • dude ih8 her
      who r u talin about hannah or pink?
      I H8 PINK!!!!!!!!!!!
      I WILL NEVR LIKE HER!!!!!!!!
      so BLAH

  9. Not talking bout pink or whoever that is man, talking bout hannah

    • umm
      u kno ur annoyin when ur hyper
      no ofense
      just saying
      and ih8 pink&hannah

  10. HEYY lol i found matts blog awesome??

    • HEY O PURPLE!!!!!!!!!!
      yesh it is ino
      welcome to me blog

  11. how rude! your a jerk when you think im hyper! id call you something but i dont want to be mean!

    • ok call me sumthin
      i wont be mad
      and i said NO OFENSE
      oh and GUESS WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. i dont want to know! and just because you say no offense doesnt mean i dont take offense!

    • o well
      wat the freak is a porque !
      and i DONT like hannah i HATE her

  13. how can you hate somebody you dont know? and it means why garsh matt!

    • i do know hannah
      it means why?
      PSH POSH

    • hey chair
      if u call me matty
      i call u chair k?

  14. lol i thought it was spelled pish posh??????

    • wat do u mean?

  15. idk lol go on my blog its

    • okie doke

  16. ok matty nothing much ma buddha

    • ok chair

  17. ah ha!

    • hahahahha
      blah blah
      im way better then the other matt
      u probably just made it up

  18. i totally did not! maybe!

    • suree
      ill believe it when i c him!

  19. yeah yeah

    • just admit it

  20. admit what? that you dont want to play find four!?

    • nvm
      sure lets play find four

    • OK
      ME GTG

  21. no way!

    • idk wat ur saying dude
      TEE HEE

  22. well you better

    Ps seven days

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