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happy birthday red!

yesh ino im like 2 months late
but i want to give my peeps a late/early present
happy late bday red!
enjoy ur present best buddie!
(one of me best buddie)



  1. why would I get mad? or sad

    • bcuz i didnt make one 4u?

  2. lol!!!!!!!!!

  3. I really don’t give actually sorry for the harshness dude but not much of a fan of presents

    • ok then
      so what now u hate hannah?

  4. totally…i never knew she was such a bad word

    • lol
      when u left peace and her started gossiping about u and anna
      then she said she wished she was me

  5. What? I don’t get it?

    • wat dont u get?

  6. who is gossip?

    • wat do u mean who is gossip?

  7. ohh why is peace gossiping about me we arent friends?

    • peace hates u
      wat r u talkin about?
      she hates both of us

  8. haha spot on matty, ok what did they say about me?

    • she said u were stupid?
      and u were the defination of dumb and weird?
      hannah said tht ur mean
      and she said tht u get mad at her for no reason
      she said she was just joking before

  9. psh ouch that hurts haha

    • lol
      she said tht u said
      anything is better then this to her
      did u say tht?

  10. yeah i said laundry is better than talking to her haha

    • lol laundry?
      u hate her tht much?

  11. haha no shes just weird i should be all mean to her and see what she does

    • lol ok good luck. but id rather have her hate me then like me becuz she likes me DX

  12. haha i passed her on to you my friend

    • grr i hate u
      at least i was never with her

  13. dude i only did that cause i was bored, like i said i never liked her

    • psh sure
      just admit u used to like her

  14. ah she was cool i guess now shes a bad word!

    • which bad word chair?

  15. i shouldnt say it, how old are you then ill see if i can say it

    • well ino im not younger then u
      i think im the same age
      how old R U?

  16. im 12

    • o goshh me to
      wat grade? o.O

  17. 6th grade but i go to high school for classes

    • yeah rite

      im in 6th to
      now wat bad word did u call her

  18. what do you mean yeah right??! im smart as the 9th graders. i called her a bitch

    • oh i could cuss better
      yeah rite not the 9th graders
      im in advanced science and math but im not tht smart
      no 6th grader is tht smart dude

  19. dude i can be that smart! im in geometry, which is a tenth grade class

    • PSH
      ok new subject

  20. ok hmm did you know if you stick your tongue on a battery it hurts?

    • KOOL!
      how do u know

  21. i tried it once but you have to do it on one part

    • wat do u mean one part?
      SAY WAT?

  22. i dont know where it is though ok this is getting hard to manage so im off this now

    • okie dokie

    • chairs gone pink :O

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