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ok peace is a big DUMMY(im not gonna cuss u dont want to c my angry side) ok she thinks im mean 2her but im not shes so freaken annoying i only hate her cuz she told me tht she h8s me and if ur on her side U SUCK! she thinks im mean to her but im not! she needs a brain! and wig is like her bodyguard. shes such a big baby. she always cry. she has to stop crying someday! and im only posting this bcuz i freaken HATE her and yeah..i want ppl to h8 her too so yeahh….and i think shes like idk 7? bcuz she acts like a rlly big baby…wig told me tht she was crying because im always mean to her..and im not always mean to her im only mean to her when shes mean to yeah i rlly h8 her and its just a game why does she have to cry…ok thts all..TEEHEE…BYA



  1. ooooh…cold my man, cold. yeah shes a bad word also

    • yesh ino
      and so far only i agree

  2. eww miley likes hannah GROSS AND PEACE IS A B@#$% AND AN AS&H***

    • exactly
      and shes trying to make evryone hats me

  3. ๐Ÿ™„ why do my friends always hate each other? even my real friends… meh.

    • she started hating me and idk why…..r u on my side or hers?

  4. im neutral

    • pick 1

  5. hey o rock !
    yesh i know now i have 5 ppl on my side:D
    and why would i need her phone #?
    my mom took my phone DX
    for a reason…..

  6. what happened to the good old days when we were nice to each other and stuff? maybe its my fault matty!

    • huh?
      i was just joking!

  7. What?! Dude you gotta tell me these things!

    • tell u wat!!

  8. lol THANK YOU yoblen at least SOMEBODY isntt insane.. rock how did u get peace’s number? just wondering..

  9. dude that’s pretty lame you’d put someones number up there where anyone can see it, bad bad bad even if you do hate them gosh so you think it’s my fault too dudet?

    • dude how am i suppose to know!
      its not tht i did tht on purpose!
      how am i suppose to know everything!

  10. no i am saying thank u yoblen because ur not being an immature butthead like SOMEBODY (no names) seriously tho matt u HAVE TO delete that comment w/ peace’s # even if u do hate her its just not rite.. and i am NOT taking sides i would day the same to peace

    • psh i didnt know
      rock sent me tht mssge
      ur blaming it on me now?

    • fine if u want me to delete then fine i will
      but u guys should have just asked
      not just blame it on me

  11. sorry…

    • its kool

  12. wait what?

    • nvm nvm

  13. hehe dont ask where i got peaces number i just like got it somehow i dont remember but we called it and her name is tia and i have wog’s number and wog’s name is waverly hmmmm i called them both and me and viper were talking to waverly and peace didnt answer so we left a message saying it was us but i blocked my number cuz i was being smart and stuff but i’m not peace’s friend cuz shes just a weird playa so i dont talk to her at all so peace and waddle on
    ๐Ÿ˜‰ rocky

  14. no im saying its bad of her not you, nobody needs to do that to somebody even if they are like peace, and wtf? waverly??

    • well u called me lame and it sounds like you thought it was my fault AND ITS NOT
      and u called me lame FOR NO REASON

    • so HA

  15. no i called her lame not you, we are tight like that you know it matty

    • u said:dude thatโ€™s pretty lame youโ€™d put someones number up there where anyone can see it, bad bad bad even if you do hate them gosh so you think itโ€™s my fault too dudet?
      does tht sound like u called her lame?

  16. Ok you didn’t put the number up there she did? Maybe you should look back? and if you think it’s cause I put dude there I call everyone dude so yeah?

    • yesh
      and u said thts pretty name you’d..and blah blah blah
      and u still blamed it on me chair

  17. I’m really confused!

  18. no i didnt you misread it or something!

  19. no i didnt
    im not blind chair
    and ur bro is very creepy

  20. how is he creepy hes 2 years younger than me?

  21. well hes creepy bcuz he said:lets hop!
    and he was in a bunny costume?
    and why is ur bro a member but no u?

  22. i am?

  23. ur a member?!
    oh and i posted a new post

  24. since today and ah why!

  25. ur no longer one of us now chair

  26. haha ok ok matty i wont change i promise

  27. and how did u figured out the name yoblen?

  28. r u going to change ur look?

  29. nobody has ever asked me that, and yeah im gonna keep the red bandana though, i just was bored one day and my brother is like hey theres this cool thing called club penguin so i looked it up made a penguin and called it yoblen, turns out its some weird dude?

    • hmmm
      so ur not gonna buy and wear member stuff?

  30. no I don’t think its a weird dude… I’m the one who always googles yoblen to get there. ๐Ÿ˜€ see matt if you had something more original then i would come here more. I even google my own name to get to my site! matt is just too common

    • psh matt is my name
      wat am i suppose to name it?
      muffin luver?

  31. What a weirdo! I’m a member for my hoodie! period.

    • psh evil

  32. Psh dude I bought everything so far but it feels weird I gotta get used to it first

  33. I think your supposed to put in madbunnymatt that’s what I do and it works

  34. wow peace i thought she was older then 7 oopsy my bad! wow……

    • PEACE

        • Tran Matthew
        • Posted April 17, 2009 at 10:18 pm
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        • Tran Matthew
        • Posted April 17, 2009 at 10:18 pm
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        • Tran Matthew
        • Posted April 17, 2009 at 10:18 pm
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  35. peace is 7?!!?!??! wow!!!!! wow!!!!! wow!!!!

  36. whats tran?

    • my last name?

  37. You put your last name in front of your first name? was it opposite day?

    • i have to do tht everyday in school
      psh posh
      and i ddint do tht on purpose

  38. i am my pet sock now cuz i got banned forever!

    • oo
      thts wat hapened to my old penguin DX
      no i have boring madmatt02

  39. I always thought my last name was weird but I guess yours is haha

    • dude tran is a vietnamese last name
      dont be racisit!
      wats urs?

  40. o i always thought that said train matthew lol

    • it did its just tht tran is my last name and matthew is my real name

    • train?

  41. I’m not a racist! Gosh, and I can’t tell you my last name cause it’s not safe!

    • psh see i told u!
      then how come u think its weird?

  42. Haha it sounds like tranny haha

    • =P
      yoblen sounds like yam

  43. xP i really dont like her either shes a fourth grader haha

    • lol ino exactly

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