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wat does P.S. mean?
i have no idea wat it means
comment me if u know
and if u dont and ur reading this
comment cuz i want a lot of comments



  1. lol does ps mean umm pizza slice? lol idk!
    lol tell me if im rite

    • uhh lets see nO!
      lol wat the heck?

  2. It means post script? Cause post means after and script means writing

    • o psh did u know!

  3. lol oh!! lol i new that!! lol i was CLOSE!

    • pizza slice is close to post script?

  4. i looked it up like all genius’ do! except I explained it cause I learned that stuff in ingles

    • psh posh chair ur not a genius

  5. Psh posh yes I am!

    • psh posh posh dont brag!

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