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wat the heck is swine flu?
everyone keeps on saying we mite have the swine flu! WERE GONNA DIE!
wat the muffins is it?!
teehee !



  1. its a disease from pigs in mexico and ppl r afraid it will come to america its a killer flu also some ppl have to wear masks tog et it and u it can be spreaded DUH!!!

    • psh posh i didnt know

  2. y did i write tog et it lol

  3. swine flu is a no no deseases so yep! oooo this is bad my mommy is all scared of the swine flu!! gosh!

    • yesh there is!
      ur mom is right

  4. jeez i cant belive u didnt now that!!! gosh!! its all over the news!!!! gosh gosh gosh!!

    • hey its not tht i watch the news

  5. matt ya kno i posted that swine flu becuz i didnt want ppl to get it and im wrry ya kno i just want everyone to be careful kay? and srry its just its important rite now and stuff but i promise i wont copy any of the post u have n im srry

    • i dont really care i was jk

  6. oooh minnesota got 2 cases of it and 2 schools shut down!

    • wow
      wait do u live in minnesota?

  7. wow… swine flu is not really that scary and 1 case is 5mins away from my house but i always kinda stay inside now….

    • so u sleep outside ?

  8. huh i sleep outside?? lol no!!! i sleep in a underwater theme room with an tv,one labtop, one computer and a walk in colset… so yeah

    • lol psh u said u were usually outside

  9. the swine flu is just the news overeacting to a virus that killed like 100 peoples which compared to the normal flu (36,000 dead) is like nothing so y are people overeacting u guys are stupid if u ask me!!! not U guys but u no just peoples in general lol

    • pshity posh
      u said only 1 person died?~!

  10. kd i think ur being RIDICLUOUS!!! gosh only 1 person in US has died and they were a baby and since they found out what it was nobody exept the baby has died so what the muffins!?!?! as matt would say

    • no nooooo ppl in mexico died


    • swine means PIGS

  12. You know nothing! I hope they don’t kill the pigs it’s not their fault. yeah I live in minnesota and some parent lost their baby it’s not just a baby it’s a life!

    • i know tht muffins rule
      and yesh i kno

  13. omg omg omg im so stupid i thought u were talking to urself matt! and i was all like dang u made 22 comments just by talking to urself?!!! but now i see the names on the side lol gosh im pathetic

    • psh posh why would i be talkin to myself!
      im not tht weird

  14. yoblen that was poetry well guys swine flu is real they r working on a cure right now

    • ok then
      i thought they already have a cure?

  15. lol haha ok ok sorry im just completely blind most of the time well u know talking to urself can be entertaining(in a way) psh not like i talk to myself OK i think out loud is that the same as talking to myself?? hmmmmm lol anyways if u dont know im gigi and if u do know get over bcz i told u again lol gosh im so tired i cant manage to sleep in!! grrrrr lol

    • lol wow u need glasses…no offense

  16. lol no i know i do soo none taken lol i never wear them tho bcz i look like a dork with em on but my mom says i should wear some glasses 24/7 NOT HAPPENING! lol when i go back to public school next year and i have to have glasses im not going to wear them i’ll just say i did lol then again i will get bad grades if i cant see what’s on the stinkin board soo idk bad grades or dork??? hmmmmm lol

    • psh posh i have glasses
      u calling me a dork?
      but i dont wear it a lot

  17. lol no no no im not calling u a dork nor anybody else that wears glasses im saying I look like a dork when I wear them lol what color are yours? mine are brown there weren’t any good colors lol lucky me im always the one stuck with crappy colors omg like on my cast when i broke my wrist lol it was yellow! i couldnt even pick my own color!! 😛 totally not fair lol

  18. lol dorky little matty 😀 get contacts ppl!

    • evil o.O
      and how do u know i look dorky?
      HU HUH HUH

  19. lol but contacts look like they hurt when somebody puts them in lol i dont think i could watch myself put them in I CANT EVEN WATCH SOMEBODY ELSE!! lol im sorry to advertize on ur blog matt buuut lol please visit PRETTY PLEASE!!! i need more commenters! lol so far its just christine and kd! and one of my besties tyler lol it was charler but he stopped SOO PLEASE YALL! lol even if i dont know u, u can comment! lol ok advertizing time is over 🙂

    • i got a lot of comments too
      well sometimes

  20. Sheesh tacy can talk a lot and I had to put my brothers contacts in a couple times it was pretty awesome cause it was like touching an eyeball haha

  21. lol jeeze charler well i dont really get very many comments and yes tacy can talk lol except for this morning sniffle shes so sleep deprived lol

    • lool ok then

  22. SLEEP DEPRIVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • i just logged off

  24. lol sorry i was putting emphasise on the words sleep deprived seriously ive nly been sleeping like 7 hours or less hey what grade are you guys in? lol im in 8th im 14 grr i wish i was 15 or 16 and i wish i could alteast reach the topshelf at wallmart lol

    • im in 6th grade like purple and chair
      and im 12

  25. yeah im 12 and kinda tall lol and im in grade 6

  26. yeah im 12 and kinda tall lol and im in grade 6

  27. lol wow everybody’s 12 well im 4ft 10 8th grade and im 14 lol i just said all of that didnt i?

    • lol wow ur old

  28. yea haha i know 😀 old nd proud hey do u guys know how to change ur display pic thingy?? if u do lol HELP ME@

  29. yesh i doo
    i forgot

  30. lol grrrr

    • evil eviil EVIL!

  31. my favorite words hehe lol

    • evil

  32. hey stacy!!! and hey kd 😛

    • kd doesnt go on here
      and why r u on my blog

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