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i got 2,896 views
and yesh i copied dudet



  1. matt kd is in Kansas City soo i dont think he will comment u today… but idk (he could not bring his laptop)

    • o i didnt know tht
      why didnt he tell me

  2. ummm why are u asking meh this!!

    • idk
      cuz ur kds gf

  3. deformis facies! tuor facies! tuor mater! MAGNUS STULTUS ASINUS!!!!!!!

    • huh?
      wat r u tlkin about red?

  4. lol wow i thought ppl new??? lol idk well i couldnt bring my laptop becuz when i get to kanas and other areas then i lost the internet so yeah and srry i didnt tell ya and i didnt delete kcbball my cousin remember?? and i was in kanas so yep!

    • ur back?
      tht fast?
      o yeah
      kcbball ask
      why did u deleted her
      shes so annoying

  5. pshhhhh idk!

    • psh posh well u should know

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