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well you see..
no one goes on this, youtube, or cp anymore
i bet no one will probably comment this posts…
well i still go on youtube and talk to teddy
:”D but hes on vacation..
its summer and im bored..
ok iguess everyone moved on..
only popular ppl go on cp…the stupid popular ppl…
this will probably my last post..ill just go on here to check for comments..
ok bya people…D:



    • hollisterhotties4eva
    • Posted July 12, 2009 at 3:29 am
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    (its allison) lol omg thank god!!!!! well by3!!!!!!! 🙂 have a good life!! haha..!!

    • thank god wat?

      ok bya?

        • hollisterhotties4eva
        • Posted July 12, 2009 at 9:33 pm
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        that ur leaving!!! but i was jkin?

        • Tran Matthew
        • Posted July 13, 2009 at 2:22 am
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        HUH wat im confused

  1. That’s sad man. I wish I could do something about it. But sadly i’m always getting grounded so it’s hard to keep a balanced schedule

    • lol
      wow dude

  2. Yeah, I’m not gone. I was just grounded. But my stepdad sucks so I’ll probably be grounded again soon

    • oh u have a stepdad?
      oh ok i get it now

  3. Yeah I know parents are gay I’m leaving right once I turn 18

    • they r really gay?
      wow thats creepy dude
      no offense

  4. Dude I just found out that Billy Mays is dead too!!!

    • wat the muffin
      whos billy mays
      ill google him

    • OHH
      iknow who he llooks like now
      hes the weird dude from all those cleaning commericials

  5. No gay meanin stupid! I have a mom dude my parents aren’t gay my mom and dad are just divorced and I know billy was an idol of mine

    • OHHH ok i get it now
      LOL 😀
      wow billy was ur idol..thats just weird dude
      billy isnt so cool

  6. He’s the coolest he would always scream at me to buy the products I was hooked form the momentche sold me oxyclean for my laundry

    • hes bogus
      hes to pushy
      and he scares me

  7. What’s a YouTube??????????

    • O:
      u used to HAVE ONE!
      and acc
      on youtube
      smart one
      and u call me dumb,psh

    • dude teddy is dumb
      and retarted
      i hate him now
      hes not cool

  8. okkk hes not bad right?

    • wat do u mean hes not bad?

  9. idk im on the phone

    • ok?

    • gotta go
      talk to you later

    • hey chair go on google and write teddy chat
      and it shows Teddy Chat Login
      click that make an account and log in!!!!

  10. ok???!

    • ok??! to you too

  11. dude im on there im charlieee can you see meeee?!

    • yesh,yesh i do

  12. THERE ARE 30 COMMENTS!!! i wasnt going on bcuz fyi i was in ireland and fyi i just got back YESTERDAY!!! hola

    • LOL
      thats why u werent on
      owell those comments r only me and yoblen talking

    search muffins


    • wat the muffin
      tht website doesnt know wat muffins is?
      stupid website

  14. search muffins on that website

  15. bye matt u probably noticed i quit i just came to say bye!!

    • huh ok bye

  16. ello….matt lawl

    • hey kirby! long time no talk o.o

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